What should I do before the session?

  • Get your pet groomed a day or two before the session. Just like having your hair and makeup done, having your pet groomed will let it’s beauty shine through.
  • Pack a bag with your pets favorite treats and toys. We can use these to help your pet feel more comfortable in the new-to-them space that is my studio.
  • Play with your pet for about 15 minutes before the session. This will help them get out any excess energy and make for a calmer session. But don’t over do it! We only want them to be a little tired and not completely exhausted.

Can I be in the photos with my pet?
Absolutely! While I mainly focus on pets during these sessions you and other members of your family are also welcome to join in the photos. For clothing, plan on wearing solid colors that aren’t too bright, with simple patterns that aren’t distracting. It’s also generally a good idea to avoid clothing with logos, graphics, or words on them.

My pet can’t be off leash outdoors.
Keeping your pet on a leash during an outdoor session is perfectly fine! If it’s necessary to keep a leash on I can remove it during editing. If you normally use a harness I would prefer to use a smaller collar during the session but only if you are comfortable with this. If you don’t have any collars on hand I will have some we can use.

Can I buy digital files?
Included with every print purchase is a low resolution digital file of that image perfect for sharing on social media, through email, or on your blog. This file is not meant for printing and will have a discreet watermark on it. If you decide not to order any prints after your session or if you just want additional digital files without prints, you may purchase low resolution digital files for $45 each. These files will also have a discreet watermark on them and are also not suitable for printing.

Can I buy high resolution files and print them myself?
After giving it a great deal of thought I decided not to sell high resolution digital files with a print release. My reputation is based on the images I create and no matter how good the digital file I create is I can’t control or guarantee the print quality if I’m not the one ordering the prints. Some labs use lower quality printing processes or papers, some apply automatic corrections that may change the way the photo looks, and any of these things could lower the quality of my work which is a reflection of my brand. I want to insure you recieve the best quality product possible that will last as long as possible which is why I only work with the best photo labs in the industry and don’t allow my photos to be printed by anyone else.