Pet Portrait Mini Sessions

Please Note: There are no mini sessions current scheduled.

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Print SizeLuster PrintCanvas WrapHigh Resolution File
w/ Print Release
4 wallets$15-1 file - $250
4x6$15-5 files - $1200
5x7$20-10 files - $2200
8x10$35$12515 files - $3000
11x14$50$15020 Files - $3600
12x18$85$20025 Files - $4000

Mini Session FAQs

What’s included with the session fee?
The session fee reserves your pets spot for the day and time that you select and includes one 5×7 print and matching low resolution digital file. All other products are sold separately with prices starting at just $15.

What’s a matching low resolution digital file?
Let’s say you order a 5×7 print of image 002 and 005, you will also recieve a low resolution digital file of image 002 and 005. This digital file is for online and social media sharing only and not for printing, and includes a small watermark with my studio name and logo.

Print Pick Up
Prints will be delivered to the pet store where the session takes place, usually in about 2 weeks. I will send you an email once the prints are ready for pickup.

Is there anything I should do before the session?
If you have a younger or more active dog, take him for a walk or have a light play time shortly before your session. You don’t want to completely wear out your pet, just get enough energy out so that he will be a little calmer during the photo session.

If you want your pet looking her best, consider taking her to a groomer a dayor two before your session, and or giving her a bath the morning before your session.

Bring a few of your pets favorite toys and treats. I will have some toys and treats on hand but you know your pet best and what I have may not be her favorites.

How will the session go?
Plan on arriving to your session a few minutes early. All sessions are by appointment and mini sessions are scheduled about 30 minutes apart. This is usually plenty of time to photograph your pet, review the photos, and purchase prints. I do my best to stay on schedule but occassionally a pet might need a little extra time or a customer might be running late and I appreciate your understanding when this might happen.

During the session I will capture a variety of photos of your pet with a couple of different backdrops and props. We will spend about 15-20 minutes capturing photos, then spend the remaining time reviewing the photos, placing your order, and processing your payment.

What if I’m running late?
If you are running late or need to cancel please call or text me at 830-433-7766.

Due to the tight schedule, if you are more than 15 minutes late to your session I may not be able to photograph your pet at your selected time. If there is an opening on the same day I will reschedule you for that time, otherwise we will need to reschedule you for the next mini session date.

Safety Concerns
If your pet is showing signs of stress during the session we take a break and let him relax. If he continues to appear stressed I might decide it’s best to end the session, and if we weren’t able to capture any photos that you’d like to purchase you will be given a full refund.

Please ensure your pet is up to date on his shots and doesn’t have any fleas or other transmitable diseases.

For the safety of myself, other customers and their pets, dogs that show signs of aggression won’t be photographed.